Swiss Cloud-Services for your Company

Mit der stoney cloud betreiben Sie Ihre Linux und Windows basierten Maschinen in Schweizer Rechenzentren. Ressourcen wie CPU, RAM, Diskplatz und Bandbreite stimmen Sie zu kalkulierbaren Preisen auf Ihre Anforderungen ab.

Managed Cloud Services wie Backup, Monitoring, Wartung und Pikett ermöglichen die teilweise oder vollständige Auslagerung Ihrer Infrastruktur in die Cloud.

Your Benefits

  • Linux and Windows based virtual machines
  • CPU, RAM, disk size and bandwidth freely selectable
  • Intuitive web-based administration
  • Periodic backups and maintenance work
  • Monitoring and standby duty around the clock
  • Swiss location

Scope Of Services

Each virtual machine has it's own fixed IP-Address. You get full access to your Firewall protected system and you can install an operating system according to your own choice. If desired, we are happy to install and configure your chosen operating system according to your requirements for you.

A virtual machine consists of 30 Gigabytes Solid State Disk (SSD) based disk space, 1 Gigabyte of main memory (RAM) as well as 100 Megabit/s bandwidth (equivalent to about 260 Terabyte volume per month). Decide about the necessary disk space, main memory and required bandwidth for yourself.

Each KVM based virtual machine has a full-backup included (one backup iteration of the complete virtual server). Backup space for additional iterations can be ordered individually.