FOSS-Cloud 0.4.1 released

Today FOSS-Cloud 0.4.1 was published and is available for downloading.

In comparison with the FOSS-Cloud 0.4.0, the following improvements were made:

  • Installer
    • Added CPU-Check (Intel VT or AMD-V).
    • Added Network Configuation (static IP or DHCP).
  • Virtual Machines
    • No active screen saver in vm-02 (Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome).
    • Virtual Machines have access to the internet.
  • Backend
    • NAT/Firewall setup works.
    • Apache works with DHCP-Servers without inbuilt DNS-Servers.
  • VM-Manager
    • Fixed Bug 3154165: The conversion from kilobytes to bytes in the vm-manager is incomplete. The front end in the web interface displays the the correct value. The back end still interprets the LDAP-attribute sstMemory as kilobytes instead of bytes. Therefore the libvirt XML-template is created with values 1024 times to large.
    • Added Documentation link to "Home" page.
    • Added Spice-Client download link to "Home" page.

The FOSS-Cloud offers a redundant infrastructure for the operation of virtual servers and desktops (Linux and Windows).