Managed Backup

A security copy of the virtual machines is made daily (VM-Snapshot). Additional a data-based backup of the configuration and the use data (for data bank server only a configuration) is made on the physical separated stoney backup service. The backup is file based.

Full Backup

The KVM based virtual machines will be daily secured with a "full backup" (VM-Snapshot). The back ups can be made during running operation. Was the machine in operation during the backup, the machine should first be restarted.

Data Backup

Your use data is secured over an encrypted connection on our physical separated online backup infrastructure as "data backup". Your data will be compared daily with the security copy of the day before. If changes were made, a copy of this data is made (called snapshot). Through this system you have access to 7 daily, 4 weekly and 3 monthly backups. Only the changed data is copied - therefore the available disk space is in optimal use.